Self Esteem Assessment

Regular Self esteem assessment allows us to check our internal weather conditions and adjust accordingly. This is not only good for confirming our well being but can also alert ourselves to potential changes in our behaviour or outlook in life that may require monitoring.

Self Esteem Assessment

The very fact that you are taking an active interest in the health of your self esteem, confirms that you are interested in taking positive steps which influence your approaches and view on life. This attitude is not to be taken lightly, and if you are new to exploring your self esteem, or perhaps for the first time you have become interested in learning more, you are to be congratulated. Looking at ourselves “warts and all” is an important part of our Self esteem assessment which initially can be quite challenging, but can be quite liberating as well.

Once you have determined that you, like the rest of the people on the planet, are not perfect you can appreciate the special qualities you have that make you totally unique. Along with knowing this, you become aware of some of the things in your character that you would prefer to change or indeed, not have. Integrated within this information comes the greatest gift to your well being, self knowledge and the ability to know you. This knowledge is the beginning of your power base, as no one needs to tell you about your perceived flaws, you know them already. You may wonder how this is useful to your Self esteem assessment, but if you look below the surface you will discover a very powerful tool to add to your power base, acceptance of self and through this, belief in your self worth.

When you accept who you are and believe in yourself, no one can make you feel “less” again. Achieving, maintaining and growing your self esteem require at least initially, conscious and deliberate daily effort. Applying these principles leads to self discovery and through this, positive changes in your life. These changes can be gradual, so don’t rush, savour the journey. As the old adage goes “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: “One bite at a time” This attitude allows for small steps to be taken which lead steadily towards positive Self esteem assessment of your progress.

The most important part of your self esteem assessment begins with “acceptance of self”. Without this, it is like trying to build a house on shifting sands. The first negative wave will just wash it all away. You need to “accept yourself” before you can progress further. Take this step and the rest will be a snap.

My next article will focus on the importance and impact of “self talk”, but before I close, I have some homework for you. From this point on, I want you to really listen to the way you talk about yourself. “Do your words empower or deflate your self esteem? If you are not sure, ask someone you trust. Then take action if needed, to correct this. Fact is, we can be our own worst enemy, without even knowing it. You may even have a “cute” nickname that has haunted you since childhood which you inwardly detest. Get rid of it, refuse to answer it and be prepared for friends to voice their disapproval of the “new” you. Bottom line, if something holds you back, you need to take action or live with the consequences.  You are an adult now, in charge of your life, be great, always.

And remember……. Two looked out from prison bars, one saw the mud, the other stars.

I know the one I want to be “which one are you?”

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