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“Did you know that you only have about twenty seconds to impress an employer, before your resume is headed for the garbage?”

On the Job Counselling Australia website I will help you avoid this fate, by providing articles and downloads based on over thirty years experience in writing successful resumes and job applications.

There are also hints and tips on interview preparation and a section dedicated to building your self esteem and looking after your health, fitness and wellbeing.

Plus, you’ll be offered the opportunity to complete questionnaires which may help you better understand and appreciate your abilities and decide which job is the best for you.

You can also register for the free newsletter ‘Your Place in the World’, containing additional job strategies, advice and special offers.

And remember……….

What you believe yourself to be, you are.

I suggest…….

Be great, always!
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After the Interview
After the Interview
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"One particular position I applied for had over two thousand applications and only ten positions available. Due to Geoff’s experience and expertise in writing job applications and preparing people for interview, I won a position!" Thanks Geoff.

~ Lisa, Government Graduate

"I was “only a soldier” until Geoff helped me to understand all the skills and abilities I have that non-military employers want."

~ John, Defence Consultant

"Geoff's in-depth knowledge and ability to highlight my abilities, ensured I succeeded in gaining the position I wanted. His encouraging & motivating nature helped me get there confidently. I would recommend him to my closest friends and family with out hesitation."

~ Lauren, Executive Assistant

"Geoff has a genuine interest and passion in helping people achieve their career goals, and by asking simple questions, helped me to identify skills and attributes I had not realised I possessed. His assistance helped me win the promotion I wanted."

 ~ Jo, Project Manager

"Geoff's assistance was particularly valuable in identifying key strengths I had gained during 21 years service in the armed forces and how those strengths are transferable to employment in the private and public sector."

~ John, Army Major