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Before applying for government jobs in Australia it is important to understand a little about the structure and the types of career opportunities offered in the Australian Public Service. This article will focus on information relating to employment within the Federal government (Australian Public Service) rather than the separate State Public Services that may have slight variations to their recruitment, selection and employment processes.

There are literally thousands of positions across the Australian Public Service that range from primarily office-based and administrative careers through to trades, education, engineering, scientific positions and everything in between. Essentially any position which contributes to the management, well-being and economic prosperity of the country and the Australian community, including delivery of products and provision of community services provided by government, is covered by government jobs in Australia.

Before considering applying for positions in the Australian Public Service, it is important to remember that the Australian Public Service is a results focused organisation. This means that the information you provide when you apply for the position, must demonstrate the achievements you have made in previous positions and how your experiences and achievements could be similarly applied to the departmental objectives of the Australian Public Service.

To ensure applicants understand these requirements, all Australian Public Service positions have a selection criteria attached to the position advertised. Essentially selection criteria are based around abilities, skills, qualifications and values that are considered critical to effective performance within the advertised position. Selection criteria frequently include demonstration of: teamwork, communication and organisational abilities for government jobs in Australia.

In addition to these requirements and the increase in online recruitment practices, selection criteria frequently has a specific word limit, generally 400 or 500 words. This ensures the applicant provides specific and appropriate examples which answer the selection criteria effectively. Selection of applicants is based on merit. This prevents discrimination within the selection process and ensures that the selection process is fair and without bias to anyone applying for the position.

Advertised selection criteria can vary considerably depending on the position being applied for, the complexity of the role and the specific requirements of the organisation. For example some selection criteria may be quite straightforward such as: Excellent Written and Oral Communication with Proven Representational Skills. However, selection criteria for government jobs in Australia can also be complex like this example:

Demonstrate a high level ability to manage a workload with minimal supervision to be self-motivated, including high level administrative, organisational and problem-solving skills.

If you want further assistance or advice on writing selection criteria, I have provided additional information and starting paragraphs of typical selection criteria for purchase, which will get you started. This information is based on over twenty year’s experience successfully writing applications for people just like you, seeking rewarding government employment. I have also included testimonials and links to trusted colleagues, who if you desire can write the selection criteria for you. These are just options and whatever your decision I wish you well in applying for government jobs in Australia.

Be great, always,

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